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Hello... We're FABRIC8

We're a team of data and analytics marketers.

We will help you track user actions, use the right tools and ask the right questions to drive GROWTH to your business.


You can’t turn a light on until you’ve wired the house properly. Analytics is your wiring, and if you do it properly you can do some really amazing things, like voice activated lights.

Or understanding how your customers behave.

We pull all your available data into one place; and add in new “circuits”, allowing you to illuminate your whole house.

Analytics - Opportunity Analysis | FABRIC8

Opportunity Analysis

The customer journey is like a motorway with a lot of exits. Some are the right ones. Most aren’t. Data without insights is a road without road signs.

Users aren’t customers until they reach the end of the journey. Don’t let them end up lost and in a service station greasy spoon. Nobody wants that.

We work with your business to identify fail points and use behavioural economics to continually create hypotheses to test improvements to that journey.

Opportunity Analysis

Test & Learn

Often think of amazing ideas which are often seen to be to risky? Can't get buy in? What do you do then?

The testing phase is about constant actions generating constant learnings. We run this like a science experiment at school. And we get the whole class involved.

We work with all members of your team to produce ideas to test. We can make the link between marketing and technical know-how, with all the learnings continually evolving our approach & fuelling growth and revenue for your business.

This is a constant, iterative process.

UXI Testing Process

Growth Marketing Services

We focus on growth marketing and product development, through user insights, data and testing. Our services are designed to drive better engagement through understanding user psychology and the actions they wish to take.


Analytics is the backbone. We provide tracking strategies that power the entire process.

UXI Testing

We use growth hacking techniques to constantly test and learn, making iterative changes to improve your site.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our insights and digital psychology experts allow us to continually identify opportunities and tests to fuel growth.

Design & Development

Our talented team of designers and developers will help you to create amazing digital experiences for your customers. We're also Umbraco Certified Partners.

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