We love a good analogy here at FABRIC8 - in the sometimes confusing world of web, it helps us to have metaphors to better explain ourselves. Today, we're going to compare your website to a car. A racing car, no less. We hope you at least know something about cars, or this is going to be a total bust.

Think about a racing car.

Just like your website, a racing car is built for optimal performance, excellent speed and of course - it doesn't hurt that they're pretty cool to look at. When a racing car (and a website) is initially built, the engineers and designers put their utmost effort into building something that exceeds all expectations. They want nothing less than the best. The car will then be entered into races and pushed to the limits of the best speeds the technology can deliver. But the work doesn't stop here - nobody simply dusts their hands off and says 'job well done'. Engineers spend hours and hours and hours tweaking racing cars to get faster times out of them. Even a really tiny improvement in the speed could make the difference between winning a race or not - so it's worth investing the time in getting a better result.

Apply this thinking to your website.

Compare this to your website - the website you've currently got is no doubt as slick and clever as a really awesome racing car. Or maybe it's a lemon, we're not here to judge. But imagine if you made some minor tweaks, and got even better results out of it. Imagine if you invested a bit of time, but got results that delivered consistent return on that investment. That'd be worth doing, right? Because those results would be achievable month in, month out - and would keep bringing you further and further ahead of the pack. This is what we're all about. We aren't going to suggest you tear the whole website down and invest loads of cash in building a new site. We can work with what you've got, which means you don't need a whole lot of capital to get started. We can simply upgrade parts of your site in line with what we know will generate more business, and help you cross the line in first place. It's time to crank it up to top gear. Let's talk!