When we founded FABRIC8 way back when in 2013, we came up with three guiding principles that sum up the approach we take to every project we do. They are:


Design isn't just saying 'let's make it orange and black'. It's not just 'let's go for a flat design'. It's much, much more. When we start our design, we start out by questioning what we want to achieve, and why. By understanding important things like our mission for the project, target audience and how we can measure key objectives, we can tailor our approach to much better knock it out of the park. For us, the design is much more than the aesthetic - it's the purpose, the idea, the method, and of course... an awesome looking front end.


How can I say this, is the most modest way possible... we're pretty good at what we do. We've got some of the best builders in the business - and when I say builders, I mean creatives, coders, copywriters and strategists. We can make it look lovely, function flawlessly and sound super. If it's on the web, we can build it. We're kind of like Bob the Builder, if Bob knew how to use the internet.


Many agencies would stop at the last step - but really, what kind of tagline is Design, Build? Everyone knows good things come in threes, and the third stage of our approach is certainly crucial for a good result. We want to make sure our hypotheses about what would work back in the design stage were right - so we measure. We use advanced analytics, tools to measure engagement, eye tracking software... anything we can get our hands on to give us as much insight as possible. From this, we understand our users better and can continuously adjust not only our online approach, but our offline approach as well. So, there you have it. Design, Build, Measure. It's just how we roll.