Sometimes, we don't need to dig deep to see the problems on a web page. We've been doing digital for so long that we can spot a poor page from a mile away (using binoculars, of course). If they're bouncing, we can work out why!


A niche subscription-based service provider approached us with a high bounce rate on their SEO targeted pages, which was resulting in a low conversion rate of sign-ups - obviously a problem considering the large amount of traffic they were getting on these pages.


We had a team huddle and did some analysis of the pages. We suspected that the landing pages in question had too much text on them, and it was text that didn't effectively convey the value of the service to the user. It also wasn't conversion focused, and didn't engage the user to subscribe. Secondly, the pages were low on useful imagery, so a little uninteresting visually.


We split test the original pages with new pages that provided more succinct, user centric copy; complemented with great illustrations and videos. Imagery can be a great way to engage with site users, particularly using images of human faces (which we are attracted to) and clever graphics can say a lot - you know the saying, something about a picture and a thousand words. Using tracking and analysis tools, we determined that our new content performed better in terms of user engagement and action (wait did we just give the ending away before the results section?).


As you might have guessed from the spoiler above, our hypothesis was correct and resulted in a decrease in the bounce rate by 50% - and subscriptions increased by 400%. High fives all round!