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Do You Need Your PPC Agency?

…More often than not, it comes down to the size of your campaign. If you’re amply resourced and juggling countless keywords, it makes sense to engage specialists to run the show. But smaller companies may not need to pay a premium where a simple campaign can generate enough traffic.

Especially in today's environment, where agencies are perhaps relying on the wrong metrics to measure their success. 

Either way, we’re guessing the important thing is getting the most out of your PPC budget. Growth doesn’t begin and end with a click. So here’s a better question: how do you make every hard-won lead count?

Clicks = Humans... Or they should...

PPC gets visitors as far as your site, but what are they doing once they get there – and why would they stick around? To find out, you’ll need to forget numbers, and start picturing people. What drives an individual’s behaviour online and off? What’s grabbing their attention, turning them off or making their lives just a little too awkward? Become curious about your visitors, and you’re a long way towards turning a click into loyalty.

Did we mention? We’re experts in behaviour-centered strategies to optimise conversion. Our smart techniques complement PPC to help you understand your visitors, serve them what they want, and generate valuable business intelligence while you’re doing it. Here are a few ways we can help:

Implement thorough tracking across your channels to build a detailed and accurate data resource. It’s the only way to know where your users come from, and what they get up to from the moment they arrive. 

Analytics and insights: monitor visitor interactions from multiple channels and analyse the overall picture, revealing patterns of behaviour and rooting out unseen obstacles to conversion. 

Test and iterate: measure user response to content and features through focus groups, AB and multivariate testing. Learn what they love, what they hate and what they just can’t help clicking.

User experience: PPC is half of the equation – but if your content isn’t optimized to charm those fresh new leads and capture their data, they’ll vanish as quickly as they clicked. Our expert coders and copywriters will partner with you to develop content that nobody walks away from.

Behavioural insights: a growing body of evidence reveals extraordinary truths about the subconscious currents behind day-to-day choices, predicting human behaviour with a humbling degree of accuracy (and often surprising results.)

We combine analytics with the latest insights from behavioural psychology, to formulate a uniquely reliable strategy for growth.

These approaches don’t just boost conversion – by transforming engagement rates, you can improve your PPC quality score and organic results. So in the long run you’ll spend less, and learn so much more.

At Fabric8 we’re constantly asking what’s behind the choices people make, because this knowledge helps us keep your customers interested.
So if you care about making every click worthwhile, it’s time to start thinking a little further than PPC.

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