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For most companies, a solid analytics and tracking strategy is normally thought less important than generating sales. However without a full understanding of your data, you’re going to find it much harder to measure the efficiency of your marketing spending.

We tailor our tracking strategies around you, focusing on your goal as a business. One month that may be acquisition, another month it may be retention. We adapt our reporting around your critical metric – what action you want your visitors to take.

Our Analytics Services Include:

Tracking Strategy

We create bespoke tracking strategies for our clients, allowing them to see the impact of their marketing activity on revenue. Most analytics tools don't do this out of the box, so we work with you to make sure you're tracking all the events that matter to your business.

Reporting & Opportunity Analysis

We report on the funnel to give you insight into areas where users are falling away from the journey, and areas of opportunity in acquisition and retention. We use these insights to inform our testing, design and UX recommendations.

User Behaviour Insights

The goal of our analytics strategies are to give a much better understanding of your users behaviour. Once we understand this we can build our tests around our knowledge of behavioural psychology, and how users will react to change.

DMP Management

Spending a lot of money on a DMP, but don't feel like it's worth it? Our DMP management service helps you get the most out of an extremely complicated piece of technology, so you can start seeing some real value for your business.

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